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I have over 24 years of experience in Child Care, having operated and managed my business in Bellflower, CA. I have extensive coursework in early childhood development and attended many child care center workshops.

Silvia Abercombie

All children deserve love, attention, respect, and nurturing. We believe that a safe and loving environment allows children to explore and grow. At Abercrombie Daycare children have hands-on learning experiences, this fosters age appropriate development. We read to the children every day to encourage strong literacy skills.

A positive reinforcement is important for children to develop self-esteem. Children need an environment that supports free expression and stimulates learning. Most importantly, we know that children need to have fun!

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From 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Building stronger kids with discipline and commitment.

At Abercrombie Daycare we offer days full of activities with embedded lessons that are important for children to gain new skills. All of our activities are specifically designed to help the social and academic development of children. Children learn best when they are having fun!

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